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Bangalore Catering Services One Stop Solution for all your catering need let it be from birthday party to corporate event just talk to us

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Bangalore Catering Services , Bangalores best portal to find the caterer to suit your needs. In our portal you will get the best deal ever and you can choose from different menu which covers all north Indian and south Indian items.



BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES Please accept warm regards, seasons greeting, Best wishes, It is deemed that this letter finds your esteemed good selves in sound health and cheers. And we pray the almighty to bless you and your beloved one’s with all the cheers, pleasure, comfort and a zone of successes in all your endeavors in the days ahead.

We would like to introduce ourselves The Bangalore Catering Services is one of the high ends, cutting edge leading as one of the professional Catering finest portal in Bangalore. BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES, is the Catering services easy and pleasant. BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES has been established for over 5 years in offering Food Service. The organization has been one among the leaders in the Catering with a strong commitment to deliver quality services to our customers.
BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES, the health orient food service concern, successfully catering to reputed, institution and software companies in Bangalore. Considering the monotony existing in the most catering contracts, we provide a wide variety of tasty & nutrition menus for break fast, lunch, dinner, snacks and midnight snacks sessions.

BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES is one of the reputed largest Catering Finest portal organizations exploring a new horizon for domestic food services. The destination by providing food and beverages to corporate world. BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES has been dedicated mainly for customer satisfaction over the years. It would be our endeavor to add many industry features to improve future hospitality services for exciting business Site Catering, Events, and Food Festival, for the client. We offer essential information in the locale, destination depending on location base.

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BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES providing the food services in a various sectors likes Business , Industry & Events, etc. We provide the services solutions right from industrial canteens to providing fine dining services in executive cafeteria.

BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES provides a wide range of Consumer-Facing food service solutions to people at their work place. BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES has the experience in catering to blue and white collared employees in various verticals.

BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES provides our services for corporate, special events, and anniversary celebration.

BANGALORE CATERING SERVICES provides the Catering with high standards of hygiene and the personnel will be trained to provide hygienic and friendly service to customers. Also their uniforms will be designed to augment the relaxed ambience and enthuse customers. The personnel will also be sent for medical checkup.

Food concepts are different type of cuisine that we offer at site. And it can be offered as part of individually as required by the clients

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In the context we here by plea to your kind behalf to bestowed upon and provisional’s us to serve in the subject platform and oblige.
Business Approach:
Our business mission is to ensure “Total customer satisfaction” (Nutrition value economics, quality & taste) through timely service of best of quality food prepared with at most care of personal and environment hygiene, cleanliness and taste by special chefs using up to date kitchen technologies and equipments with right quality and quantity of best available branded ingredients and served by trained courteous professional hands. Our professional and dedicated team always ensures compliances of all contractual obligations. We abide by all statutory and legal requirements. We take pride in being in this business

The Need:
Most large software development organizations provide breakfast, lunch and evening snack facilities to their members. Some even provide early morning snacks and food. However, most of these organizations experience the following problems associated with its catering and pantry services.
Quality – Members get dissatisfied with the taste and quality of food supplied by the concerned caterer, as there is no variety and the food does not taste like home food. Caterers do not provide variety in order to minimize wastage and since the food items are made in bulk they taste different from home cooked food.
Hygiene – Most caterers do provide uniforms but the service personnel are never trained to ensure that Hygienic conditions are maintained nor are they sent for periodic medical examinations. This can contribute to ill health amongst members.
Nutrition – All organizations provide catering facilities to their members in order to ensure high levels of personnel productivity and member satisfaction. In order to achieve both it will be essential to provide food that is both tasty and nutritious. Unfortunately most caterers overlook this point.
The above problems present opportunities to those organizations, which are willing to establish a 12 hour cafeteria which will not only provide variety of food items but also ensure high nutrition and hygiene standards. This is the basic genesis of the concept of It is a Hi-Fi catering with high standards of hygiene and the personnel will be trained to provide hygienic and friendly service to their customers. Also, their uniforms will be designed to augment the relaxed ambience and enthuse customers. The personnel will also be sent for medical checkup.

Man Power.
In addition, a manager will be appointed to oversee the entire operations and obtain customer satisfaction feedback. One reliever for each category of personnel will be appointed in every shift to take care of authorized and unauthorized absenteeism.
Security badges to be provided to staff personnel and arrangements must be made for locking of the storage room.

For Enquiry contact 9845669900

Billing procedures –
Caterer will raise the bills, once in month, and Company will make payment with in 7 working days from the acknowledgment.
Minimum Tenure:
Since “_caterer___” need to be investing on equipment it will be necessary for the client organization to guarantee a minimum tenure of at least 3 year.
It will be a pleasure to provide with our best services, & we assure you of our Quality, Hygiene, Clean & Taste is as our first priority. We are looking forward for a mutually beneficial association with your esteemed organization feel free to call on us for any further information or clarification kindly contact us. We can help in providing high quality nutritious food to your Organization.

Thanking you in anticipation of your favorable response and an order in this regard.

We assure you of our best service of your choice

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